The Diamond Ladies

Jamie Dedmon - Backing Vocals

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND): If I were still 15 then N*Sync, but now I'd say The Beatles or Billy Joel. 
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician: Playing Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar in front of thousands of people. 
  • Favorite Movie:  The Little Mermaid & A League of Their Own & Les Miserables 
  • Beverage of Choice:  Merlot (or any other quality Red, Red Wine!) 
  • Preferred Vacation Spot:  Colorado if I'm paying for the vacation...somewhere in the Tropics if someone else is paying!  Every vacation has to include a historical landmark! 
  • Something Nobody Knows:  I once yelled at Paul McCartney & Derek Jeter (on separate occasions), and they both responded!  No shame here!

Leigha Sronce - Backing Vocals

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND):    Halestorm 
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician: When you finally accomplish a goal/hit that note you’ve been working towards. 
  • Favorite Movie:  Nightmare Before Christmas 
  • Beverage of Choice:  Sutter Home White Moscato 
  • Preferred Vacation Spot:  Germany (someday) 
  • Something Nobody Knows:  In my free time (weather permitting) I love to sit outside, set my easel up, listen to music, and paint for hours.

Courtney Walker - Backing Vocals

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND): Jazmine Sullivan
  • Biggest thrill as a musician: Tackling a difficult song and satisfying yourself with your progress. 
  • Favorite Movie: Nearly any Disney movie
  • Beverage of choice: Green Apple Sangria
  • Preferred vacation spot: Somewhere near a beach with crystal-clear water 
  • Something nobody knows: I could listen to movie scores and song instrumentals for hours if given the chance!