The Band

Dan Farroll - Piano + Organ 

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND):  Queen 
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician:  Performing for an audience 
  • Favorite Movie:   The Shawshank Redemption 
  • Beverage of Choice:   Michelob Ultra 
  • Preferred Vacation Spot:   Italy 
  • Something Nobody Knows:  Enjoyed front row seats at The David Letterman Show when the guest was Bon Jovi and they performed.

Jeff Pawlow - Organ + Synthesizers

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND): Huey Lewis & the News
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician: Opening up for the Marshall Tucker Band
  • Favorite Movie:  Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Beverage of Choice:  Manhattan on the Rocks (which is better than "Love on the Rocks")
  • Preferred Vacation Spot:  Mt. Shasta, CA (with Cindy and the Family)
  • Something Nobody Knows:  I was the "Play of the Day" on CNN while making an out for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Rick Turcotte - Percussion

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND): The Beatles 
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician: Playing a national youth ministry concert for 8,000+ motivated energetic high schoolers 
  • Favorite Movie:  Close Encounters of the Third Kind 
  • Beverage of Choice:  Bourbon or Scotch, neat 
  • Preferred Vacation Spot:  High mountain areas of North America 
  • Something Nobody Knows:  I have a collection of over 1,200 vinyl LPs in pristine condition.

Sebastian Sronce - Lead Guitar

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND): Def Leppard 
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician: Hearing the crowd sing back to us. 
  • Favorite Movie:  John Wick 
  • Beverage of Choice:  Coconut soda mixed with Coca Cola 
  • Preferred Vacation Spot:  Somewhere I haven’t been with my fiancé and a Les Paul 
  • Something Nobody Knows:  I am a huge NASCAR fan!

Tim Ilko - Drums 

  • Favorite Band / Artist (Not ND): - This is impossible for me to answer. It changes with my moods.  If I have to pick's two: Queen / Rush 
  • Biggest Thrill as a Musician: -  Having the opportunity to share my drumming experience with those willing to learn and seeing them succeed.  
  • Favorite Movie: - High Strung 
  • Beverage of Choice: - Blanton's Neat 
  • Preferred Vacation Spot: - Somewhere I haven't been.  
  • Something Nobody Knows About You: - I cut my grass with a 100+ year old push reel mower.  *Bonus - Once, I kept the same cell phone for 10 years. It was not a smart phone.